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Thread: Strap for Yashica Mat 124?

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    Default Strap for Yashica Mat 124?

    I just got my 124 recently but it doesn't come with a strap, and holding while focusing and shooting makes me nervous.

    Any strap to recommend? Been reading up a bit and found that most people recommend A&A, most say it's good but I'm not sure about the price yet.

    Don't think I'll go for Optech since it doesn't really look well on the 124 (IMO).

    What about the straps here? Has anyone bought strap(s) from this shop before?


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    Default Re: Strap for Yashica Mat 124?

    From the link your have provided (here), surely if you are uncomfortable holding your TLR with your hand, you wouldn't trust the thin strap with a tiny plastic clip that is designed to hold a small compact camera or mobile phone. Not sure why Optech does not interest you. Maybe it is not retro enough for your Yashica? Perhaps you can take a look at Matin brand or are you only interested in leather straps?
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