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    Posted in the Ever been shy in taking out your camera thread and posted some astro setups.

    Well you don't have to own a big telescope and big $$$ to do astrophotography. Time lapse is fun too....

    Here's a youtube video... (watch in 1080P)


    Len: 24-70 F2.8 at 24 F2.8

    ISO: 3200

    Speed: 15sec

    total images: 450 continuous images


    Video explanation

    Astrophotography is very demanding on the shooter and on the equipment (weight, performance, technicality). More so than wildlife/birding, sports etc. I mean you shoot all night, and sometimes with many "subs" needed, you shoot a couple of nights, hours of images, then stack them up just to get 1 image!
    Entry level with refractors and dSLRs (there's an actively cooled imager with the smaller refractor)

    *don't know if 9V Orion images will come in or not*
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