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Thread: which is cheaper? Nikon or Canon?

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    Price is a major issue in Photography but it shouldn't be the deciding factor on the purchasing of equipment. I used both Canon and Nikon but most of my lens collection are from Canon. Recently i'm crossing the line into DSLR and decided to start off with a lower end models. I'm having sleepless nite for almost a week trying to decide between Canon EOS300D and Nikon's D70. my decision are base on...

    (pls note that before u even decide, u have to know how far you want to be into. like for example, do u want to buy a pro higher end DSLR and grow with it or maybe a lower end models to out-grow it.)

    ok, here's my chklist:-

    1st) the capability & in-capabilities of both.

    2nd) Color accuracy. U how sometime green turn out different shade of green in a shot.

    3rd) sharpness and details of picture taken with a normal average lens of both camera

    4th) the CCD or Megapixel this part is easy.

    5th) body build, quality and toughness of built.

    6th) finally cost.

    Guess which model i buy? I go for the Nikon D70... not because it's good but because certain features i think is worth dying for in D70 cannot be found in EOS300D but then again, EOS300D offer some nice features that D70 lacks. I wish i can get them both at one go but hey that's not sensible decision.

    Below are the decision i base my purchase upon :-

    1) D70 have almost immed startup time to shutter release then 300D. 300D is just a couple of seconds slower in startup to shutter release.

    2) 300D offer better color contrast & details then D70 (this area D70 is a let down)

    3) D70 are more color accurate whereas Canon's manufacturer's Curve are more on the saturated range. Pros, more rich in color. Cons, if color accuracy is top pirority, then D70 is the answer. this can be turn around in Adobe Photoshop as i'm a digital imagery/color specialist by occupation so no problem with that

    4) weight of body, this are personal preference but i prefer heavier equipment because they give more stability. I feel that 300D are kind of too light for me.

    as u can see, my major concern is color accuracy and startup time. although it's seconds but in photography, seconds are too long to wait. but 300D have something to die for, it can go as low as ISO100 and at minimal or no noise at all. very good result for low light photography, this my friend, can be a vantage point for some.

    well, just my 2cents thought


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    Quote Originally Posted by stonely0
    2) 300D offer better color contrast & details then D70 (this area D70 is a let down)
    This is easily and quickly remedied by putting in a custom curve. It will increase the contrast very easily to your exact liking. 300D has no such feature. I don't think any Canon DSLR has this feature.
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