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Well, as with many things, it depends on grabbing opportunities.

I don't think just being armed with good photography skills will end you a job with NG. It depends very much on about to get them to NOTICE you (as Conan's post has pointed out), and that will require connections of sorts.

Think again: what is the motive of getting into NG? For personal fame and glory and achievement? Or to show the rest of the world stories and pictures that will otherwise never be seen?

I believe a lot of us belongs to the former cateogory (me included)...but I have a conviction that with all things, photography included, we should aspire to go beyond personal glory.
Indeed, need somesort of connection and what's most importantly is get them NOTICED.

Where come the frame and glory it comes from achievement, when the world see your pics, definitely there's some glory and pride. beside getting in NG we should show the rest of the world, stories and pictures that's never be seen, isn't it ?