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Thread: Need advise on how did u arrange it

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    Default Need advise on how did u arrange it

    Hi guys,

    I am actually deciding between this 2 bags, lowepro fastpack 250 and vanguard uprise 46.
    The requirement for bags are simple:
    1) laptop compartment(meant for laptop and magazines)
    2) water resistant or foul weather cover
    3) tripod holder (using sirui t2204)
    4) quick access if possible

    I am curious for lowepro fastpack users, how did u manage to secure or carry ur tripod around during holiday?

    As fastpack does not comes with a weather cover, how did u manage to solve this problem? Which 3th party brand did u purchase.

    I love the internal padding of fastpack, as it is stronger and thicker for lens seperation, but the down side will be non water resistant and tripod unfriendly.

    Uprise 46 downside is it's soft and thin internal padding.

    Please advise if ur a user of those bags.. thank you

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    Default Re: Need advise on how did u arrange it

    I am using Fastpack 250 but i usually hand carry my tripod.As for rain cover,you can just get 1 from Beach Rd Army market.Otherwise,do consider the Kata 3n1-33...

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    Default Re: Need advise on how did u arrange it

    Fastpack 250: zip down laptop compartment 10 cm then slot 1 leg of your tripod into it. zip back up the compartment. Cheap rain cover available most places.
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