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    I've Just been to the PC Show today. It will be held till this Sunday 6th Jun at the Singapore Expo Hall 6.

    Just want to inform anybody interested in getting a digital camera, be it point and shoot type, prosumer, or even digital SLR, get down there. the exhibition price is a good.

    The major camera manufacturers are there. For those who are especially interested in the Nikon D70, it is selling for $2288, but lot of free gifts, like, a 256 MB CF card, Remote Control Unit, Tripod, Camera Bag, Sunscreen Shield, I don't what that is for and I think there is one more but forgotten already.

    Somewhere in the hall, some booths are selling memory cards at a good price. I forgot which booth, but it selling CF cards of 1Gbyte at about $269, 512kbyte at about $170.

    But that's all I can remember, Just want to inform my fellow Snappers.


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    Thanks dude. It would good to visit the show if I have the time tomorrow...except that the big put-off that it's at CHANGI EXPO!!!! (So far away...)

    Waiting to get a good deal for recharagble batts from Eastgear, if they are there...

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    Ah Yes, eastgear...that's the booth that is selling the CF cards at a good price...yuuup...there are there

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    any booth selling dry cabineth.

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    I' sorry, I move around there for around 15 minutes, Bcoz I need to fetch my wife, so I was just passing thru to see if anything catches my attention immediately, well th nikon flyer girls really got my attention, hehe..

    well, I didn't notice any dry cabinets, maybe move around too fast.

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    What brand is the 1 GB card for $269? Sandisk? Is there any entrance fee to the PC show?

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    Nope, there is no fee....

    but be prepared to be welcomed by a lot of flyer guys and girls.

    I'm sorry, like I said, I move around pretty fast to scrutinise the flyer, but I'm pretty sure the one that I'm talking about is not Sandisk. But there are Sandisk products.

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    the portable storage device looks attractive...

    can't find the specs though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karwing

    the portable storage device looks attractive...

    can't find the specs though.

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    very helpful, thanx!!


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