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Thread: New intake for PhotoShop Class

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    Default New intake for PhotoShop Class

    Once again, the Photoshop intake is open..those interested to learn PhotoShop please kindly pm me....for total beginners, please try to sign up for the five day course instead of the one day course. It is not fair for the others to pay and not learn more than they should.

    The one day course is a advanced FAQ session for those who are already familiar with the usage of the selection tools. That is the minimum requirement. Classes will begin next thursday. Cost for the one day session is $70 for three hours.

    The five day course is $50 per session and it will cover everything from the basics of Photoshop to creating your own series in print. Each session will be two hours long.

    Since the classes are held at a print shop, you are welcome to print your stuff at a discount of 30% just by being a student. So for those who are interested, please pm me as soon as possible to book the places.

    I will email those who have confirmed the address for the location of the place.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks guys for the spontaneous support!!! The registration is I hope you guys can help by quickly replying the PMs and give me your details... thanks..


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