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Thread: less than 12 hours to 東京梦幻之旅

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    friend, glad you are having fun in japan.

    if can find the strap, buy if cannot then nvm. in case you dun know what i am talking abt.

    the red and white one... 1st pirority if cannot find, see can get the red or blue one.

    BTW this is from yodobashi in shinjuku.

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    ah..wil try the animation place =)

    ah ya lor the super white n red strap cant find ..keke..but the red one i almost bought leh..i didnt buy cos the <canon> wording is smaller then the <EOS> wording ..keke! nvm..when i hit akihabara on thursdae then will go buy the red strap. ^^

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    Default welcome home, old boy! ;-)

    i'm back! back in sg man! yeeeee hawwww!!!

    wa...suddenly sg feels sooo hot..

    nvm..oh ya hor...suddenly recall that i never swim for 2 weeks liaoz tomorow is sunday...anyone wanna go for sunday 2 km easy swim?

    will post all the tokyo pics soon..yeah! =)

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