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Thread: Should WB always be corrected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubberbands View Post
    Consistent WB was my intention, but after going through 100 or so shots I realised this is much harder to do without having individual shots having some weird tints. Even harder is having a mix of flash and non-flash shots.
    Due to the nature of the venue, and with different settings, shuttle speeds, flash, etc., consistency in white balance is always a challenge. Zacís statement below had made it more complex, and so true.

    Quote Originally Posted by zac08 View Post
    Btw, there is a difference in correct white balance and a white balance balance in multiple source light scene.

    There is a mix of tungsten and fluorescent lighting and in that kind of scenario, you can only hope to achieve a more pleasing mix.
    Itís important to know where you are and where your final destination, or the white balance is just another point of ďlostĒ. Iím a good critic and judge of bad quality but I cannot create good and consistent quality under these circumstances too.
    just1book, no kidding!

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    i have read photography books that suggest sometimes having the 'wrong white balance' can make ur photos more impactful.
    there shldnt be a right or wrong to white balance as it is mainly the taste of preference.

    In this case, i think it will be a choice of choosing the ambience or the importance of the skin colour. (personally i think for #1, the skin color is too warm)
    Ideally, you can make the photo cooler to correct the skin tone, but keep a bit of the ambience.

    I think most important would be consistency of WB for your entire set of photos else it will look weird.

    Having said all that, you have to ask the clients what they want. They might have a 'right' or 'wrong' answer for you in terms of WB.

    Hope this helps.

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