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Thread: Help on Photo Effects

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    Unhappy Help on Photo Effects

    I wanted to capture the subject in colour mode and the rest of the objects in black and white. For example the flower I took is in colour & the rest of the leaves & branches are in black. How to do it? I saw some of the guys here manage to do it but I cant remember where is the photo they taken now so don'nt have any samples to show you what I meant. Please show me how you do it. Thanks.

    Camera using is D70.

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    U can't do that in-camera... U have to use software like photoshop... for my picture below:

    I used the magic wand tool and selected the area that I wanted to be in colour. Next i right click and select 'Invert'. This well... inverts your selection. Next go and create a new adjustment layer and click on 'Hue/Saturation' then on the window with 'Master' selected, slide the saturation slider down to '0' and voila!

    Hope this helps! Cheers!
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