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    Hello guys...

    Further to my thread about business in photography course...

    I am gathering interest for people who wanted to come but the date is not suitable...

    We had 10 attendees on the last one so would do the same this time...

    If you are not aware here is the previous discussion

    I am not 100% sure if this thread is posted on correct section, if moderator feel this is not appropriate section, by all mean move it to the right one...

    Once all the interest are gathered, I will start a formal thread under workshop following the procedure from CS.

    I will answer any questions about business in photography in this section along with what I will be sharing.

    Yes, this will be a paid course and I don't need any assistant at the moment, but other experience photographer who would like to join as partner, please PM me.



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    Thanks for the good session hart. Appreciate your willingness to share candidly on your experiences and thanks for the tips as well!

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    It was a great session, Hart. Really appreciate the side stories with the pitfalls and the "gotchas" most people don't expect - they really put the solid advice in good perspective.

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    Thx guys.

    Shall wait for the interest from people if we are running again.



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