Hey peeps, If you like hong kong food and want $50 voucher for a very good Hong Kong Cafe, (I tried it myself it's good!) go to " World This Week 世界一周" s facebook page, and upload any of your travelling photo overseas, top 100 liked pics uploader will be given the voucher. So far not so many ppl yet, so participant have a very very HIGH chance of getting the vouchers. Go get it!

World This Week 世界一周: 說好了要讓大家吃喝玩樂,現在《世界一週》要送出$50餐券了!

要怎麼贏取呢?方法很簡單,只要將你在外地旅遊的照片上傳到這裡來,如果大家都很喜歡你的照片,按下〞讚〞 或者〞喜歡〞的選項,還入選前百名,那麼你就能獲得$50餐券了!

不要再猶豫,趕快召募你的親朋好友加入《世界一週》的大家庭,為你投下支持票,就能和朋友享用 美食啦!

Hope you catch 世界一周 on channel U every sunday afternoon too!