Hi guys!
Have a problem i need to solve and wonder if you guys know a solution to it.

I've got a macro ring flash (an opteka RL-600 ETTL), and ocassionally use it as a fill flash. The problem with this is when it is mounted onto a lens that is longer than 85mm (typically a 70-200) the flash unit will usually stall (won't fire).

For example;
When the flash is initially turned on and lens already set at 200mm, the unit will still fire. (Flash unit however will display 85mm)

I zoom to 70mm, and the unit fires off as expected.

When i zoom back to 200mm, the flash will not fire and the unit stalls. Display will only show which mode i am using.(ETTL, manual etc). Zooming back to 70mm will not fix it and has to be turned off and on again for it to work.

FYI, i usually shoot in manual and at 1/8th power.

Apparently the flash has an upper limit of 85mm. Is there a way to by-pass this?