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    Hi, anyone knows where I can still get iPhone 3GS? What's the cheapest price without line/plan? Thanks.

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    you can always check out the shops...

    mobilesquare should have, but dunno if brand new unit.

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    there are new 8gb iphone 3gs. 16gb and 32gb only refurb sets now.
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    If you want the 8GB version, you can get it from Apple Store.
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    Why get iPhone 3GS? iPhone 4 is same or slightly cheaper than 3GS. If you want to get without line, order from apple website, M1/Singtel website or go to the shop.
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    Thanks for the responses. Really appreciate.

    @kwttan I was hoping to grab a 3GS cheaply, but unfortunately, it is about the same price as a 4. But I am not prepared to pay the 3GS price quoted in Apple Store, nor a new 4 in stores.


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