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    Hey guys,

    I'm not a audiophile or whatever. I've been wanting to get a value for money speakers for my room for DJing in the bedroom. Right now I'm looking at the Sonicgear Evo 3 Platinum Platinum.

    Can anyone recommend me a speaker that is good, preferably 30 W above and maybe with a woofer or subwoofer or a bass driver.

    My criteria is to be at least 30W, have 2 satellite, good bass and definitely VALUE FOR MONEY . My budget is less than 65. Has to be RCA
    I'll be playing a lot of House music and doing a lot of scratching. And also for my laptop to watch shows.

    It'll be connected to a Native Instruments Audio 2. Not sure if that's important.

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    Default Re: Cheap Speakers

    Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1

    value for money audiophile grade speakers.

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    This Acoustic Energy AEGO M 2.1 will blow his budget many times over.

    LG, you can look out for Logitech speakers 2.1 X 240

    $69.00 at some shop in Sim Lim

    Some review

    I not sure does it have the connection you are looking for ...
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    oh well.. if he got a bit more to spare... i think that speakers is really worth every cent.


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