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    Comments anyone?


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    I love the colour contrasts of the first photo. Bright(candles) with dark(Black surface), red flower on black surface and green flower stalk on green surface. Items are well arranged and shot well-composed.

    For the second photo I feel theres too much empty space above the flower and I find the Jim Beam bottle distracting. Perhaps a vase would be better?

    Just some thoughts
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    Default Flower

    Hi, kind of agree with you on the bottle thing, but that was the nearest thing I could find to hold the flower. And I agree that the background was a little plain. I was actually trying for a stark image, so to speak. But somehow it didn't turn out as planned?

    PS Thanks for the input too.
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    I felt that there was greater potential in shot 2 as compared to shot 1...shot one...the elements are pretty scattered and there isnt to be any connectivity between the various elements....focus is lost as well.....the lights distract my eyes and i do not wat to look at...the pretty flower or the really bright lights..

    for shot 2....potential lies in the inherent white space that surrounds the flower....and the best part is that the plain bground acutally brings out the flower and it looks really good....maybe you should go bigger on the flower....more macro...a "profile" shot of the that case..your jim bean bottle wont distract the eye....


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