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Thread: IR photography

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    Default IR photography

    anyone can share abt.Ir phoitography??

    what are the min hardware requirement eg.IR filter?
    Can we use the std.lens eg.18-55mm Kitlens or 18-200mm lens?
    what are the software required here?

    I have ventured around HDR and basically just set the settings on the camera with std.lens and use the software photomatix to produce the HDR image.Quite simple actually.

    Does it work the same for IR photography?


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    Default Re: IR photography

    The answers are found in the stickies in this subforum.

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    Default Re: IR photography

    Hello nokian.
    Come to the IR subforum here:

    The Wonderful World of Infrared Photography in ClubSNAP!

    Take your time to read all that are presented to you here.
    I am sure your questions will be answered here.


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