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Thread: spyder2express and windows 7

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    Default spyder2express and windows 7

    hi guys,

    currently using a spyder2express for monitor calibration. just got a new desktop, having trouble convincing it to detect the calibration device in windows 7 (64 bit). calibration device is still detectable and working fine on my vista laptop.

    i have googled for this problem, most people claim that colorvision is being stubborn (and being naturally profit-driven), and refuses to update its software for 64 bit environment. the only exception (ironically) is for spyder2express. so for this, you have to download spyder2express 2.3.6 from colorvision itself.

    this should be found here:

    is this the only solution? i know that installing the cd that came with my spyder2express definitely doesn't work, i've restarted the computer just to make sure everything's fine... and the device is detected but just refuses to install itself properly.

    if you want to know why i'm asking this... i can't seem to download 2.3.6. it claims to be 100+ mb, but it always just kills itself halfway and leaves me with 200 kb, 2.3mb , 3.1mb files. talk about being crazy. wonder if it's just me or everyone experiences such a problem.

    if anyone manages to download the full thing, it would be greatly appreciated if you could yousendit the file to me, just pm me for email address. thank you very much in advance.

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    Default Re: spyder2express and windows 7

    I am using spyder2express with 64 bit WIN7 and using software 2.3.6 , it is working. But i downloaded the software last year. The link was still working then.
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    yes, i gathered the idea that it was workable.

    but i can't seem to get the silly file to download on this computer. might be my network connection, but itunes, etc is downloading fine with no interruptions. suspect is more likely to be the bloody datacolor website.

    thanks for your pm

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    Default Re: spyder2express and windows 7

    your problem is unable to download the drivers right?

    i had problems making it run properly on my win 7 so i am not using it anymore. just adjusted the rgb values and gamma on my monitor as much as i can and compare to my prints.

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    Default Re: spyder2express and windows 7

    just downloaded the file. uploading onto mediafire now. yousendit has a 100mb limit.

    probably gonna take a few hours to upload. once its up, i will post the link here unless someone else sends it to you first.

    the file will be here

    probably u can check it in 2hr or so.
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    Default Re: spyder2express and windows 7

    yes, can't download the drivers or the new file... now downloading what blaz sent me... if i can't i'll try yours. if still cannot, then just give up want to get this settled so that when my new monitor arrives then all will be set to go


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    ok, problem resolved.

    thanks blaz7 for sending me the file, and roger for trying to help



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