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Thread: 6 Nights in Korea (Jeju+Seoul)

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    Default 6 Nights in Korea (Jeju+Seoul)

    Hey guys,

    I will be heading over to Korea tomorrow!! Just checking out for any suggestions or advises for landscape photography. As i will be going with a tour group, i will only bring my tripod out and go shooting after the day schedule.

    Anyway I will be staying at:

    - Mount Sorak Resort
    - Jeju Hotel
    - Seoul City Hotel

    Hope theres somewhere near or easily accessible near these hotels


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    Default Re: 6 Nights in Korea (Jeju+Seoul)

    Sorry guys...

    Hotels I will be staying in are:

    - Seorak Daemyung Resort
    - Jeju The Hotel
    - Daegu Grand Hotel
    - Lotte World Hotel


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    Default Re: 6 Nights in Korea (Jeju+Seoul)

    bon voyage!
    do share share your trip reports here. Thanks!
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    Default Re: 6 Nights in Korea (Jeju+Seoul)

    Remember there's a hotel in Jeju where it is as big as a landed apartment.....2 bedrooms and tvs with a toilet seat tht can warm up and wash yr butt for you..


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