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Thread: A letter, why wrong???

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    Talking A letter, why wrong???

    Saw this super letter posted in VR.....

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    Eat breath LIVERPOOL!!!

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    Default Re: A letter, why wrong???

    ah beng write letter mah...easily comprehend like this
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    Default Re: A letter, why wrong???

    My father mother going to give a fist to all the kampong people...
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    Default Re: A letter, why wrong???

    Here is the reply from Ah Lian,

    Deer Ah Beng,

    Wah wong time no hear hor. So long ever receipt your latte liao. Now got one so harpy.

    Tank you I am pine. I hope your familie is also good good.

    I so sorry I not know haw use in the net. So I cannot e meal you. Also do not have spare muni to bai leg top lah. Must wok to safe more muni.

    Ani way you can call I waht. Me mobil honk is 0494377685.

    Ok see you than. Piss say hallo to your munter and farter fur I.

    Also pest luk to Ah Kau's new jot. I hug he is harpy. Pay no good also never mine. Im potent think is to be harpy. Boss no good also do not Tu Lang. Sometime have to close one ice and open one ice.

    Ah Lian.
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    Default Re: A letter, why wrong???

    ahahaha.... man this is good. very entertaining

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    I stopped reading after the first paragraph. So hard to understand.

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    The writer tried too hard.


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