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Thread: Work Vs Hobby how to cope?

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    Hi guys, may I know how you guys atuallya cope with your work scedule and mange your time so well as to enjoy your hobby without neglecting your work. Ever since I started photograhy I've been struggling hard to balance my work and hobby(workout). I've been thinking of knocking early, taking MC and apply for leave just to shoot. I used to wokout 3-4 days a week, but now I been spending more time shooting. I lost 8kg in a month. Is it worth sacrificing my health(lack of exercising) over my newly found hobby(photography very poisonous)? Confused.
    Yea, quite difficult to cope with 2 time-consuming hobbies and a full time job. But bread and butter always come first.

    Losing 8kg in a month, I suppose that is from dehydration. It can be very dangerous to your health. Remember to constantly drink water. I suppose you take MC.

    You can set goals of what you want to shoot on certain days. i.e. sunsets, poor people, models, panning shots, etc. So, you won't be going around town in circles for hours just to shoot.

    New found passion usually burns brightly during initial stage.

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    bring ur camera to work to shoot, poison everyone and most importantly ur boss.

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