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Thread: Lens recommendation, please!

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    Tamron 18-270 VC can be an option too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quelle View Post
    Well, I'm older than your granddaughter but I'm still evem shorter than her.
    So, sizes of lens are very important to me. Weight, I may still able to compromise abit.

    A salesman has recommended me Tamron 18-200mm before but it doesn't have image stabilizer so I'm pretty skeptical about its performance as compared to my kit lens since I'm hoping to find a lens that gives better image quality. =X
    Normally if you use the 200mm end of the zoom lens, you would need a tripod or a monopod to steady the camera. Very rarely do people zoom up to 200mm and still shoot handheld unless you're using a fast shutter speed. Lighting is not always favourable and you cannot always use fast shutter speed so...? Image stabiliser on lens is not always a must have but good to have.
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