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    Strobist info:

    Nikon D300 • Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 • Nikon SB900 on 24x24" softbox
    • Orbis ring flash on Nikon SB800 in SU-4 mode • 2 x Phottix Atlas
    • Vivitar 285HV on a remote slave hotshoe for white background
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    Just add some light tone on back ground, it will make your product stand out more!

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    Thanks for your kind comment, Ah Tay.

    I was trying out on those 3D product view efex but in still image format, just for fun. I did a series of images which I find these 2 are the "best" to show here.
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    Keep trying and happy shooting!

    Hop to see more on your work!

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    Thanks again Ah Tay!

    Well, you can view the rest of the Polaroid images here. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making them. Pleasant viewing.

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    Recently, a long time friend of mine gave me his Polaroid 636 Talking Camera. I wasn't sure if it is still working, so I decided to take the risk of buying a Polaroid film. To my surprise it works. I've posted some of the Polaroid fotos here. Take a look if you will. Thanks for viewing.


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