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    Hi Bros,
    I am new and wanted to buy a printer to print maximum A4 photo. using Canon MP558 and Epson TX110 before. The color came out is not nice and not the same as my Laptop even I brought the Monitor calibrator to calibrate my screen.

    So now looking at HP All-In-One, any recommendation? Prefer to have seperate ink cartridges.

    Please help to provide some infomation.
    thanks very much.
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    hmmm...there seems to be a lack of discussion about printers...even in the "Printers and Scanners" section.

    the closest i can find is Canon, HP, Brother, or Epson.

    i guess you need to google for HP printers review for your answer

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    For A4 you can try the higher end A4 color printer from each individual brand. Not so sure about HP but canon IP4870 and Epson R800(priced at about 600+ for a A4 printer when I asked) are pretty good. If colors dont fit, you will need a printer calibration and calibrate the profile to the paper you intend to use.

    Even then some colors will never make it to print. I couldnt obtain certain shades of dark red even with my Pixma Pro 9000 using most paper(paper affects color). I calibrate my own printer though.


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