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Thread: B+W pics

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    Default B+W pics

    I was trying out black and white on some pics, comments anyone?

    Along the path


    Grass for sale

    Old Path

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    Only #4 works for me.

    In #1 the guy on the bike and the cars on the road are rather distracting items for me.

    #2 is rather underexposed unless u were going for silhouette effect.

    Same for #3, the plants are underexp.

    Just my thoughts
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    haha....grass for sale..
    I like #2 has a nostalgic feel to it..
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    #1 the color version is not so nice, changed it to black and white, hope the lines 'come out' more. guess didnt work.
    #2 was intended for a silloutte, found out there's still some details on the pot(?), decided to leave it there.
    #3 is backlit, perhaps should have try using flash(I always forget I have it...)
    #4 dont like the color version, so try B+W.

    One question, for those of you who shoots on digital and do b+w offten, how do you usually go starting from a color jpg?


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