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Posting here again... so people can understand filter pricing and branding a little more...

ilters have cheap range, medium range and high end range. All depends on your budget but I would recommend you to get at least a medium range one.

Examples of some popular/well known/notorious brands/models:
very cheap range: Vitacon, Emolux, Steinzeiser
cheap range: tokina, Hoya uncoated, hoya both sides coated, Kenko standard, Marumi standard
Medium economy range: Hoya HMC, , Kenko MC, Marumi DHG,
Medium high range: Hoya Pro1D, Kenko Pro1D, Marumi Super DHG, Nikon NC
Hi end range: B+W MRC, Hoya HD, Kenko Zeta, Rodenstock, Heliopan

Filter brands are like cars:

Continental cars are expensive and generally perform very very well. Continental cars also have higher and lower models. eg. S-class, A-class.
Continental cars: B+W, Rodenstock, Heliopan, LEE, Schneider Optics

French cars are ok and reasonably priced but sometimes performance is not the best in certain situations.
French cars: Cokin

American cars quite a few are very good, but quite a number are lemons. Some are good but just not worth the money.
American cars: Tiffen, Singh Ray

Japanese cars: some are cheap and perform not so good but better than the ones listed below. medium priced ones are quite good and very reliable. some are top of the line (like Lexus, Infiniti, Acura) and perform very well, and some of those top of the line even exceed the performance of continental cars.
Japanese cars: Nikon, Canon, Hoya, Kenko, Marumi, Tokina

China cars: very cheap, usually copies of more expensive brands, quality depends on the specific car. Some are terrible. But if you find a good one, it will be good and worth many times the low price you pay for it.
China cars: Tianya

I will stay away from any other brands not mentioned here and the ones below.

Malaysia/Singapore cars: Brands are owned/founded locally in MY or SG. Usually most of the parts are OEM by other companies. Supposed to be very cheap. Salesman always try to tell you it is very good and give you the wrong impression that it is made in Germany or Japan. And will try to sell you at a much higher rip off price. Performance is just so so. Some are totally terrible. Some are not bad.
Malaysia/Singapore Cars: Steinzeiser, Vitacon, Emolux.

Nice Analogy