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    going laos for a week in late oct/early nov. flying in via KL to vientiene by air asia, and returning the same way.

    any general suggestions and advices?

    How about places to visit, or to avoid?

    links to sources of information about the country, maps, and places of interests are welcome too.

    thanks in advance to u

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    haven't u been there before. i must have confused myself.

    nonetheless, u can use the search words of laos and rejoiced. the first post should have links to short notes. i did a limb from vientianne to muang sing (central to northwest) entering via bangkok-udan tani and leaving via chiang rai-bangkok in thailand. duration is about 14-16 days, with 5 days in luang prabang, other places are however very rushed.

    it is abt 3 yrs ago, so things must have changed a lot. there was no train last time, and bus rides are often bat 5-8hrs. do check again on this.

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    thanks, zoossh =)

    no, only been to hanoi, cambodia, etc.

    will update here if i got useful info to share after my trip.

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    u only have 7 days.....just concentrate on northern Laos....spend your time slowly in LP visiting the "wat" ...if u like river " sports" ...spend more time in vang vieng...can river tube down to vietianne from vang vieng if u wanna.....can even go for tube hopping to different "pub" along vang vieng river....

    anyway...end Oct is cold up at LP bcos of the higher altitude than sea level and also its up in the mountain...bring enough thick clothing...I was there in July...already can feel abit cold at nite, but day time is HOT.
    Rem to wake up early in the morning(5am+) to capture the LP resident giving alms to the monks...its really nice......push your ISO high as the lighting will be bad...

    I took 14days, up down from vientiane to LP and than back vientiane and to south...

    I like the south more...but the tourist condition is not that good, cos lessers tourist go its not that develop, stay in this island- Don Det for 2 days...

    actually after visiting Laos..I find that the best route is fly to chiang Rai...and than cross over to LP, than u slowly travel down all the way to the south...and exit to cambodia..and than fly back from Siem Reap..but thats if u have at least 2 weeks...
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    hey, thanks a lot =)


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