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    Just broke up with my girlfriend, and her birthday is coming up soon. Hence, I decided to make a series for our 2 years relationship. (More will come, but not so fast because I am serving the army)

    More at

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    cute pictures...#2 is good.

    on a side note: hope you get over your heartache soon bro

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    Hey bro~ Great series. Can really "feel" these photos.

    Hope u can get over this soon and may time heals all pain.

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    nice pics bro, i just broke up with my gf too. cheer up! anyway where did u buy the toys?!
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    Thanks guys, but I will not be able to update the series as often because I am in camp

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    Sorry, I cannot understand you feeling as a single for 23 years and still on going. But, seem cases before and some bad cases where the motivation to do anything is totally lost. Hope you get over it and live happily with your camera

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