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Thread: Background application running? - Help pls.

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    Default Background application running? - Help pls.

    Need some help regarding my Windows.

    My cursor constantly has the hourglass with it, indicating something is running or loading, but I am not accessing anything.

    When i checked 'processes' under 'task manager' I see IEXPLORE.EXE running like 50 times, when in actual fact I only have 2 browsers open and they are loading nothing.

    Did a virus scan at TrendMicro Online checker, no virus.

    Please advise? My PC really slowing down and the hourglass cursur is damn irritating.

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    Use spybot seek & destroy, as well as lavasoft's ad-aware to scan your machine for spyware. You'd be surprised how much junk you pick up. Second, switch to a decent browser like opera or mozilla, half your troubles with spyware and viruses and malicious active-x are over.

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    Yeah I used Ad-aware and Spybot. But totally undetected.

    Totally pain in the rear trojan thing. Read here for more details about it.

    Best part is I didn't download anything. Virus/Trojan creators....



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