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Thread: Anyone with a LX5 to lend?

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    Default Anyone with a LX5 to lend?

    This title may sound misleading. I am only borrowing ur proof of purchase cause my brother just won the electronic viewfinder. But need buy a LX5 to redeem. I have already have an LX3 at home, and loving it alot. And do not see the major difference between 3 and 5.

    So can borrow the proof of purchase and warranty card? That's all I need.

    Thanks alot.

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    Default Re: Anyone with a LX5 to lend?

    shameful , you are essentially publicly asking for an accomplice to partake in a fraud

    if u want to buy someone's freebie or discounted sweetener that is packaged with a purchase, that is a seperate commercial transaction.

    major violation served... sorry, please dont get Clubsnap and a fellow CS'er into trouble
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