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Thread: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

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    Default Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    Such a sad story!!!

    The great modern classic Olympus mju II was suddenly unable to take any picture after I got it and took 2 rolls of pics. The shutter is now unable to open up I dont' know something stuck in between the mechanics or what...

    How much do you think if I bring it to Camera Hospital or Camera Workshop for a fix?

    I really love the sharpness and colour produced by the mju II...

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    no reply yet?

    any place to suggest where i can bring this camera for a fix?

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    i sent to olympus singapore near funan about 2 years ago before and they were able to repair it. Those camera workshop/hospital/repair shops in peninsula were not even interested to talk to me when they saw it's a mjuII. Just said no spare part cant repair without even making eye contacts. I guess they are not interested in small money.

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    i guess this camera can be bought with less than $50 sing dollars for a used there isn't reason to fix it..

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    I have an original mju 1 if you're interested...
    All in working condition..

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    Try Philip tay la...just whether its worth fixing or not..
    My Blog

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    who is philip tay?

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    Default Re: Olympus [mju:] - II - DOWN!!

    I picked up one almost mint one at cash convertor for last year $3. Just one tiny speck in the view finder. Hack the battery cost twice as much. Shot 8 rolls so far.


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