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Thread: DSLR for Female - Please Recommend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tainted View Post
    And don't forget to visit the secret subsection of the forum once you're given access to it.
    Its pretty much a fun place to be in.
    Is there such place in this forum?

    btw, should try A55 or 550d, they both are good cams, but if u want more of their vid capability, try sony instead..

    bottom line, follow advice of ppl here, which is go down and have a feel urself..
    it is not an arranged marriage, u have to decide urself..
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    Sony A33:


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    Quote Originally Posted by libgirlmom View Post
    Recently, I felt the 550D for myself and I like it! It was with kit lens 18-55mm which probably would not last me too long...I'll likely be looking for another lens in a few months which then really adds on the weight. A friend of mine is a fan of Nikon's D90 and her shots are AMAZING. But I've heard Canon's user-friendly features and I may not know how to handle Nikon's. I haven't handled the Nikon's at all at this point.
    Suggest you get the Canon 550D then and maybe a standard lens to replace that standard zoom. Remember the crop factor of 1.6 for Canon APS-C. What that means is Canon 50mm F1.4 lens will have the viewing angle of 80mm - a good portrait lens! You don't need large lenses to take good pictures - don't go for long zoom range because you'll end up playing with the zoom - and the lenses tend to be slow and big. I would suggest 3 lens combo for you (vary it depending on your shooting style/subject). a wide angle, a standard, and a short tele. (remember to multiply by 1.6 for canon aps-c sensor size dslr like the 550D.

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    Magicdragon, you seem to have read my mind! I believe I will go for 550D simply because it felt good in my hands, stick with the kit lens since I don't think I'll save much by just getting the body and buy the 50mm f1.4 for good sharp portraits. At some point, I'll get a wide angle lens, perhaps a 15-85mm when the budget's there for it. I'd also love to go for those beginner gatherings and shoot and learn from the pros. This is certainly an exciting group to be in!

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