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    I tried to find it but cant find thread about security for countries,

    which country is photographer friendly, SLR friendly
    and which country is worst, even to bring your camera

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    Default Re: Security

    I'm not sure if there is even such a database on an international level. It's hard to come up with some form of index or measurement either. After all, tourist attractions are bound to be camera-friendly, aren't they? Better if your enquiry was more country-specific, such that it would be easier for you to look for information in existing threads, or ask for information here from people who've travelled to these places. I've heard that across Europe, there are pockets of organized crime groups comprising individuals who work together to pick your pocket or steal your belongings. Check this link for example.

    At the end of the day, I feel that if you want to bring a camera, there will be someone who wants to steal it. This would apply, in principle, to all other items that are of any value. Your safest bet is probably to understand how to keep your possessions secure, what to do in order to keep alert for such hazards, and how to keep a low profile as much as possible.

    I probably haven't answered your question, but I do think it's quite difficult to have a consolidated database for anyone to refer to.

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    think this brother just had a bad day in Russia.

    only way is to keep your things properly with your own security.
    never ever be in a compromising position.
    if a situation/place already give you a feeling that something is wrong,
    then something is really wrong.
    GET OUT and check your things.

    like i got a friend, she went to Hollywood Boulevard.
    you see in movies like very glam right? palm trees and beautifully clean path roads.
    but just one street away only, everything changes.
    machiam..... Orchard road,then next street is Geylang Lor 18.

    you decide yourself.

    Singapore, one of the safe haven on earth is already compromised, what else for other countries.

    Singapore Police also pointed out this part by having a campaign called:

    "Low Crime doesn't mean No Crime"

    My 2 cents.

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    Maybe this can help. But its not a rob-your-camera index.

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    panama is not safe, even my hp camera is not safe. I did not even dare to take out my SLR. Was there for 3 months.

    MExico is okay, I could use 70-200 lens there, though u have to be careful at nite

    Europe is no problem except on trains in the cities

    USA no problem too

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    Friendly -

    Italy, Switzerland, France, and all other highly developed and peaceful EU countries (Exception : Football hooligans)




    Indonesia to a certain extent

    Malaysia to a certain extent




    Polynesia/Micronesia (Exception: Fiji in times of coup/civil war)







    All areas with classified military activity (e.g. certain areas in China, Gaza Strip, where you might not be allowed without a press ID or permits)

    All areas with coups/civil wars/full scale wars (e.g. Lebanon, Palestine)

    De Wallen, Amsterdam (Do NOT take photos of the red light district, you will get your camera thrown into the canal by guys who will be twice your size)

    Most of Africa, ESPECIALLY South Africa, The Congo, Sudan

    SOUTH/CENTRAL AMERICA - according to me this is the single most dangerous continent to bring your camera to , the thieves are really clever and know cameras really well, no matter what you do they will know that you have a camera in there. Just stay low if you're going to places like Peru/Brazil/Colombia.. But of course if you're in a group and you keep an eye on what's happening around you, chances are that your camera will survive..

    South Central Los Angeles and all similar areas in big US cities

    Football matches in Europe

    North Korea (You/Your guide will probably be sent to a Gulag if you get caught photographing military activities as far as i know)

    -- That's all i know for now..
    I refuse to List my camer@ equipment here.

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