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Thread: Cycling questions . Need your advice .

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    Quote Originally Posted by loozhengyuan View Post
    Sources say tht Swimming is good for building muscles and whole body workout , but they do not burn fats .
    Sources say tht Cycling is good for burning fats and have little impact on joints . However its hard to find a place that you cycle hassle-free in SG .

    Damn i just want to lose 10kg .
    Look like the folks here have not give you what you want for an answer.
    You already know that cycling is sure to burn fats and have little impact on joints (amazing that some were giving you all the various options regarding this truth).

    I have been cycling since school days when I was in secondary school from Queenstown to Bukit Timah approx 20km to and fro everyday on the road. Then in the year 2000 I took up cycling again for health reasons and have never look back because my blood is having good circulation. Now I am on the saddle for at least 90 minutes daily and riding on the road as well as using whatever footpaths that will lead me to my destination. All you have to do is to ask the right people who will share with you that Singapore is a hassle-free cycling city and you will be glad you are enjoying it.

    To solve your problem in trying to lose 10kg, go and take action and do not worry so much about things that could not bring results. Get that bicycle quick and plan out to daily program to ride at a slow space until you are fit enough to enjoy what other cyclists are enjoying. The desire to act immediately is your game now.
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    Cycling is good because you can go on for hours. Just think a relatively easy 600kcal/hr for 3hrs, means 1800kcal (thats approx 2 normal portion meals in addition to what you need to eat daily to sustain the body) . Running while good is very load bearing and harder to sustain daily for 2 or more hrs (some actually do) .

    Machines (trainers) are always tougher to sustain mentally for more than an hour.

    Generally, a low fat diet, sensible eating and exercise is key for looking trim.

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