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    1. What area is critique to be sought?
    - Overall, in terms of technique, composition, mood and whether it is an image that speaks to you etc.

    2. What one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    -Vastness and grandness of the sky

    3. Under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    - Windy; Dark storm clouds gathering; a large storm was approaching
    - Atmosphere is quite dark and dull
    - I know I may come across as odd, but when the gust of wind started blowing and the dark clouds starts forming together, I was actually quite excited (plus abit of fear as I was at a rooftop) and inspired by the scene in front of my eyes.

    4. What the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture?
    - I like the way the clouds turns out in the picture. Feels dramatic, in my opinion.

    Feel free to give your honest feedback on the image. I would really like to have some honest critique and feedback so as to be able to learn and make better and more compelling images.

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    Very interesting cloud. Perhaps you can upload a larger image; Can't see clearly the details of the land. It looks underexposed at the ground, you darken it?

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    Thanks for dropping by this thread!

    Yup I darken the image on GIMP but I think I may have overdone it...

    The image is the largest I can upload via Flickr (max. upload file size 10.00mb). Any idea how I can upload a larger image on the thread?


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    In flickr, view the image in it's largest size(zoom in). Then click your mouse's right button on the image, a menu will pop up. Choose "property" by clicking the left button once, you will see a window popped up. Copy the "address" of image and paste it here.

    Hope this helps.

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    Not enough of the land is shown... The horizon is too low for my taste, reduces the impace of the scale of the clouds.

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    nice pic. I wish i could collect enough pictures like this for my editing/ photoshop wise. I do hope you shot it in high resolution...

    I agree with you on the mood etc. Keep it up...
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    too small to coment, frankly.

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    Storm looks too tightly sqeezed in a puny snap
    Too dark for my liking, the building on the right didnt value add to the snap in anyway
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for viewing this thread and all your feedback. I have tried revising the image based on some of the feedback given.

    Free free to continue giving your feedback on what can be further improved.


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    Special thanks to johnlim for teaching me how to upload a larger image on the thread

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    I can't feel the impact.

    I see sort of dark clouds over some land. So? Where's the storm that's brewing?

    The 2nd pic though is better than the 1st as there is more information. Instead of dark clouds over black land, it's dark clouds over some urban landscape.

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    I would've preferred if the land could be seen more, since the clouds really overwhelm the entire picture. But nonetheless good job.

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    To me, the ominous cloud could a be a lot darker & more contrasty; That would greatly dramatise the effect & catch your attention.

    Another thing is, I can spot some stitching marks at the top left of the photo; Maybe can stitch again or do something about it in PS(cloning, spot healing or burn/dodge).

    The building at the lower left corner is exeptionally dark, it's not balance with the right; Should take care when you burn. Maybe, can try burn the 4 corners, like a vignette. That will somehow bring more balance to the photo.

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    My feeling is that you showed too little of the landscape (the buildings and the ground).


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