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    Hi guys, from previous discussions in this section of the forum, we now know that in Singapore, copyrights go to the client that commissions you for photography (except otherwise stated and agreed upon).

    I have a question: if that company, say, a restaurant which had commissioned you to shoot photos of its food, suddenly closes down, what happens to the ownership of copyrights to those photos? Do they go back to you as the photographer?

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    IMO, the photos are still the property of the restaurant/company. They can sell it or give it away. if it is under receivership, the administrator will treat it as an asset of the company and manage it.

    it will not go back to the photographer, unless you can claim they have not paid you for the job, or still own your other sum and you want the rights of the photos as compensation.

    for proper legal advice, please seek a lawyer for consultation.

    hope this help.
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