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    Default mounted slide sleeves


    I was looking around the places for the slide sleeves and I realised that the prices has risen quite a lot, at least 30cents avg. It's quite a lot for me, almst 30% and I do need quite a large no. of them.

    Where did you guys get the sleeves from in Spore. Anybody tries to order them thru the internet, any recommendations for any website?? Tried looking around and found too many, so dunno which are the better ones to choose from.


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    You mean those meant to keep mounted slides in?
    Popular sell those, but the quality isn't tip-top quality. Costs < $20 per folder, I think...

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    yes...I am looking for those keep the mounted slides in...ruby, cathay all have increased their m looking for an alternative to them...maybe thru the internet....or some other shops that I am not aware of...preferably those acid free ones...


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