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    Hi all,

    Lately there has been contests held in clubs, pageants etc etc, and i've been to a few of them. However it struck me that i dun really know how to get a good shot at the situation.

    There are lots of funni lights (typical disco lights) with all sorts of colors. So if i shoot in ISO, noticed the faces of the people will be very colorful haha, when i use flash, the trouble is the shot looks like an afternoon shot. Pretty plain and it kills all the ambience.

    Is there any way to still retain some of the ambience? To show its actually a nite event rather.

    Can someone offer some advise?

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    It's called "fill flash". Search for it. Or try searching for "rear synch flash" or "how to take clubbing pictures" and look at all the photobucket and flickr results.

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    I think u can try using bounce cards? hmm i'm also very new into this actually. i know there's something called mixing ambience with flash... not too sure what is it exactly all about though but can understand the situation u r in. haha.. kinna frustrated rite LOL!
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    get a flash diffuser or tape some tissue over ur flash, and use second curtain/rear sync (the name varies depending on the system you run)
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