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    Hi Guys.

    Am just starting out to do freelance wedding photography.

    Like to find out from fellow wedding photographers where do you do prints and do you specifically asked them not to additional adjustment (e.g. contrast, etc) for your photos? anything to look out for as well?

    Any advices or comments are welcome and appreciate.

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    #1, where to go..... Useful addresses of common photographic equipment/services shops

    #2, let them adjust or not, up to your processing/workflow and preference.

    #3, find a good lab, be friend with them, the relationship will go a long way, cos they need your business, and you need their support.
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    Bingo, agree with catchlights. For us, we're in partnership with Digilab for our prints. Usually they give us what they want the feel to be and we deliver the feel to them. They usually won't meddle or comment anything about adjustments.
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    If you can do the post processing - editing the photos yourself then it's better for everybody. Most labs cannot print photos directly from the media esp when the file size is too big. They will transferred into another PC & resize the photos to a manageable size equivalent to 3 megapixel when you request to print only 4R size. For larger size like 8R or more they will resize to 6 megapixel. Their systems will run very slow if they tried to print from 10 to 14 megapixel images.
    When I need to print a lot of pics, I will edit & rersize them before going down to the lab. Due to my excellent relationship with the lab boss, they let me use the printer myself & they can have a break. I received training from Kodak which uses Noritsu machines, Fuji & even Konica before their business folded. I can operate different types of digital p[rinters. To make it better, I set up the computer systems for a number of photolabs.
    Establish good relationships with the lab people. Visit them even when you don't have photos to print & buy coffee for them. It goes a long way.


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