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Thread: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

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    Default Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    Hi Guys!

    Need some advice!

    Planning the following trip for end of September. Here is my plan

    Arrive HCM go straight to Mui Ne

    SG >>>> HCM >>>>> Mui Ne
    Mui Ne 1 Night

    Mui Ne >>>>> Hue
    Hue 2 Nights

    Hue >>>>> Hoi An
    Hoi An 2 Nights

    Hoi Na >>>> Danang fly back SG



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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    Sure, its workable.

    But it seems too rushed for me.. have you been to Viet before?

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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    hmm.recent in june i finish a 3 week bagpack.mui ne must see the white sand dune sunset and the fishing village.hmm,hue visit the imperal tomb and palace.nothing much in hoi ann and dannan

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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An


    I did a similar trip last December but started off in Central Vietnam. I suggest the following:

    Take Silkair one way from SG to Da Nang and head down to Hoi An immediately upon arrival. I find Hoi An attractive. 2 nights in Hoi An would be good.

    From Hoi An, bypass Da Nang and proceed to Hue and spend 2 nights.

    Fly by Jetstar Pacific budget airline from Hue to HCMC.

    Make trip to Mui Ne from HCMC. If you have time, go to Da Lat on way back to HCMC. You can fly back to SG from HCMC. Hope this helps.

    Take a look at some of the pics I took.

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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    Thanks guys for all the comments!

    Btw any suggestion to go from Mui Ne to Hoi An? thinking to bypass Nhatrang...

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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    I have not done the Mui Ne - Hoi An segment but if you intend to proceed to Hoi An by road, that's the way to go. It's going to be a long and tedious drive. Why anyone would take that route is to visit the sea-side resort of Nha Trang. Spend a night there (a former Miss Universe pageant venue). Seems such a waste to just bypass.

    By the way, visit My Son while you are in Hoi An.

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    Default Re: Vietnam trip: HCM > Mui Ne > Hue > Hoi An

    Thanks guys for all the comment and reply.

    I just came back from vietnam trip.

    Fly to HCM, transit to Danang, visit to Hue, Visit Hoi An, Visit Danang, flying back to HCM and SG

    ok my feedback... maybe because of heavy rain but really not very special about these 3 places. pretty much forgettable those tourist "must go" places

    Imperial palace - imagine a smaller China Chinese palace, quite run down beside the entrance wall and some left over building.
    Perfume Pagoda - nothing much again... maybe visited too many bigger temples in China
    Tomb - ok something different but again.. maybe the rain...

    Hoi An:
    ok maybe my expectation was too high but not very magical to me. mostly rows of old houses from left over colonial period selling tailor clothings, pub and makan places. very touristy. i think Asian will find it a bit boring.... Ang Moh will love to death!!

    My Son:
    If you got go Ang Kor Wat. ok this is really very small version of it.

    Da Nang:
    Again nothing much. Hanoi and HCM streets are more interesting!

    Just my personal feedback of these 3 places' major tourists spots. Maybe because of the Heavy rain or because i have visited places with similar content.... I just don't find them very attractive.... but then again if you don't go, you will never know!!
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