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Thread: DX vs FX

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotwork77 View Post
    I turn off my comp for a few days and the immortal horse rises again.
    that's why they call it immortal..

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    Quote Originally Posted by torak View Post
    ok, the 300mm thingy is totally wrong... it should be 200 vs 200 for both sensor, cropping the ff to equivilant fov. donno why i typed 300 vs 200 justnow... my mistake for this.
    You have more mistakes than just 300mm... *face palm*

    You said that it is only a 33% crop and you can get a picture of FF resolution to APS-C resolution... that is not true. APS-C is only around 40% the size of FF...

    So a 18mp APS-C shot still gives you a lot more resolution than a even a 30mp FF cam shooting at the same focal length cropped down to the same FOV.

    You are totally mistaken.
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