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    how should i place my speedlites if i will be taking a family photo?
    there are about 20 ppl. arrange them in 3 rows?
    i have 2 580exII speedlite. it will be taken in the living room. so how should i position the speedlites? and so i bounce the flash or use softboxes? i do have softboxes btw. also, the living room is quite small, though the walls and ceilings are white in colour.
    i will be using 40d with 17-55 kit lens. what aperture should i set?

    thank you guys so much!

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    Default Re: group photo with speedlite

    you may want to keep it simple, so you can shoot as many frames as you can.

    ceiling bounce is the easiest to do, and able give balance exposure on the front and back rows.

    f8 and above.
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    Keep it simple and just bounce your flash off the ceiling. I'm assuming your living room ceiling won't be that high and should be able to adequately light up the 20 ppl. A small aperture (f/8 and above) is necessary to get sufficient DOF so that everyone is in focus. HTH.

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    Bounce the flash off the ceiling to create large soft lighting. Use f/8 or f/10 and focus at the middle of the crowd so that to get maximum sharpness of all faces.
    Do you have any wireless trigger? if not then use on camera 580EXII as commander to sync with the other 580EXII, which is set to slave.
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