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Thread: HELP!!! CF Card Problem

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    Exclamation HELP!!! CF Card Problem

    Hi, hope some Bros can give me a solution to my problem. I took some pics on my DSLR past few days under normal circumstances as I do as always and all goes well. There are about 1gb worth of pics in my 8gb CF Card before snapping on that fateful day and it works fine the last time I transferred pics to my lappy.

    The nite on that fateful day, I tried transferring to my lappy and got an error message to format card. Thinking that it may be lappy problem, I tried on another lappy and same message appeared. I then put the CF Card back to my DSLR and it too cannot read and request for card to be reformat.

    Any Bros faced this before? Can someone help me with a solution?

    Really heartpained as the pics I took contains a few nice shots of 1st time ever of my extended family portrait with everyone present in it.

    Thanks in advance.

    ps. Mod, if I started thread in wrong section, thousand apologies ya and pls point me to the right direction .... TIA
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    Default Re: HELP!!! CF Card Problem

    There are many softwares that can help you retrieve the photos. Check out Image Rescue 3 by Lexar.
    Sandisk also has their own recovery software.

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    Default Re: HELP!!! CF Card Problem

    A simple search for 'recover images' brings a lot of results.

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    Happened to me before. Quite likely that your CF card has been corrupted in the process of file transfer.

    In my case I was transferring the pictures while I was on holiday in Korea. I kept it aside and used my spare cards, until I came back to Singapore. I tried some image recovery software but couldn't read anything on it, though when trying to reformat it, the camera indicates that there's 7+GB of data on the 8GB card, so I know it's still embedded somewhere in there. In the end I brought it to a data recovery centre and was charged a few hundred dollars for it.

    Try the free software first, and if that doesn't work for you, you can consider professional recovery services. As was in my case, it probably won't be cheap, but you can always get a quote first. After that, you decide whether the images are worth the price you have to pay.

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    Use file scavenger.
    Helped me many times.
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    don't meddle with the CF card anymore...i.e. don't overwrite or even try to insert it back into the cam or the card reader...go d/l an image recovery software, or u can buy the sandisk extreme 3 card which will come with an image rescue software foc.., install it, then put in ur CF into the card reader and use the software to salvage the happened to me a few times, so far no issues with recovering provided the file has not been overwritten.


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