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Thread: can anyone tell me what is this guy talking abt?

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    Default can anyone tell me what is this guy talking abt?

    hi guys, trying to follow this guys instructions, but cant seem to get it, anyone can help simplify it for me? thank u!!!

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    2 documents, A and B
    Step 1: A: create black screen, create a series of overlapping shape
    Step 2: A: Use Magic wand select any portion of overlapped shape U want
    Setp 3: A: Still in magic wand tool, click and drag selection, drop selection anywhere on B
    Setp 4: B: Press crt-c / command -c to copy section on B
    Step 5: Go back to A, crt-v/ command -v to paste

    simplfied: use marquee tool make selection on black Doc (A) (retangle ants rite)
    make sure tool inside selection (arrow with small rect)
    drag selection to B(any where)
    go back doc A (selection still on rite?) Paste

    essentially using selection on A to copy exact same selection from B paste back to A


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