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Thread: Photo/ Caption Contest upcoming! Win iPads and more (3G/64GB)

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    Lightbulb Photo/ Caption Contest upcoming! Win iPads and more (3G/64GB)

    Launching Oct 1st, a contest for dads will be happening.

    Basically, their theme requires photo submissions showing dads having fun with your kids, and should include a caption or short story.

    Contest is for dads, and will be open to Facebook users.

    I'll be back, helping to post the Official Contest Link, but in the meantime, you can find out more background on what the contest might be about:

    Prizes are: $2000 Vacation voucher, 4 X iPads (3G/64GB), 15 X Universal Studios vouchers ($200 each).

    PM me if you can't wait to hear more details and I'll get you the scoop as the event firms up. This contest is going to be running for a limited time only (4 weeks).

    I'm not directly affiliated with the Organizers, just helping a friend to spread the word.
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    Default Re: Photo/ Caption Contest upcoming! Win iPads and more (3G/64GB)

    wah so many prizes

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    Default Re: Photo/ Caption Contest upcoming! Win iPads and more (3G/64GB)

    Last call for the DadsforLife Joy of Being There contest.

    Check out the Winners section, for weekly winners. 1 week to go, and thanks for all the really awesome entries so far.

    Prizes have changed a bit (Apple and RWS don't want their name on anything!), so go to the link and enter! Or vote for the best entries.

    Not often do you get a contest just for dads! 2 X $500 IKEA vouchers and 15 X $200 Fine Dining Vouchers to be won. Grand Prize is $3000 Travel Voucher.
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    Default Dads: Photo/ Caption Contest. Win a $3000 Travel voucher and $200 in Dining Vouchers.

    'The Joy of Being There' Contest Extended! Entries will be accepted until noon on 11 November 2010.

    1 X $3000 Travel Voucher and 15 X $200 Fine Dining Vouchers still up for grabs.

    For Singaporean/ PR dads on Facebook. Check out:

    So far, the contest has had 97 entries. Chances of winning are great, especially if you have a good photo and short story to share. All you have to do is post, and to maximize your chances, get your friends to vote.

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