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    Hello, I've got a quick question.
    I have a 450D running on Kingston Class 4 8GB SDHC and I realise that it is taking very long to write after a photo especailly 30sec long.
    I still remembered when I had 400D on compact flash, my photos were close to instant.
    Which SDHC card should I look at to have such writing speeds?
    If possible, it'll be good if you can tell me the price too.

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    30 seconds is unusually long. You might have a problem with that Kingston card.

    Good cards are the Sandisk Extreme and Ultra series. For price lists, check the priceguides, hardwarezone or pickup the phone and call the usual recommended shops.

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    Swap the card with a friend. You test his card with your camera while he test yours. Then we can discern if there is anything faulty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikepy View Post
    [...] and I realise that it is taking very long to write after a photo especailly 30sec long
    Especially after 30sec? Do you mean after 30 seconds of exposure? Please read your manual about "Long Exposure Noise Reduction" and how to disable this feature. If it's this than it has nothing to do with your memory card.

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    sometimes, if your memory card has too many images, the camera can take a while to write to it... but 30 seconds is simply too long...

    if the issue is not what octarine suggested, then try the card in a different camera and in a pc as well to isolate if the problem is in the card or the camera... and do try a different card in your camera too...


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