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Thread: How does one calculate file sizes for enlargements?

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    Default How does one calculate file sizes for enlargements?

    Was wondering if anyone can help.

    I took some pix with my 4MP Lumix. File set at 2304, ISO 100, minimum compression.

    When I sent it to the lab to make an enlargenment, I was told that the maximum size I could print was 10" x 12"!!!

    I wanted larger prints.

    Is there some way to get around this using PS, i.e., opening the file, increasing the size and saving it?

    Or does this mean that I really need a better camera? If so, what should I look out for? I was thinking the LC1, a Sigma SD9 or 10 or a F70, depending on whichever can give me the results I need.


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    yes of coz. i remember i read somewhere there's a trick to enlarge your photos while losing minimal detail. you juz record a macro to increase image dimension length/width by 110% and keep increasing at 110% each time until your desired size.
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    Simplest way, go to the lab and tell them the size you want. The machine should be able to take care of that. Otherwise you can simply use PS to resize, or use the method mentioned by chongkm, or use any of the several interpolation tools like Genuine Fractals, PhotoZoom, etc.


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    Perhaps you have misunderstood your lab's limitations. What they are saying may not mean that your file size is not large enough to go beyond 10" x 12", but perhaps their machine does not go beyond that print size.

    Even with a 3MP file it should easily go up to S8R (8" x 12").

    Check again and come back later.

    (Or is it a convienent excuse to upgrade? )


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