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Thread: Muvo Microdrive - do help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaGr
    Anyone knows if the Muvos in the shops now have the incompatible microdrives?
    The newer models with remote costing around $398 is supposedly INCOMPATIBLE !!!
    If you look at the back of the packaging, near the bottom center ( about 4-5 cm from the bottom edge ), a warning is printed, something like "The Microdrive will not work on any other devices".

    Now of course this could be an empty warning, and the MD is actually still compatible. But who wants to spend $400 just to find out ?

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    anyone tried to extract the new 5gb muvo with fm yet? the microdrive once extracted should be usable with your camera but i dont know if a CF bought off shelf will work when plugged in.

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    Thread moved to correct Category
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