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Thread: help @ the top

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwchoy
    won't you recommend some coconuts?
    Coconuts are only for real men..

    Tis boy needs a gf.. Someone he can share his depressions, aspirations and delusions with..

    Better than posting here to a forum full of dudes rite?

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    why dig up this old thread? what's the motive eh? heh

    i don't see how clive has offended you people ( especially those with sacarstic remarks. ) .. the only thing i can come up with is that you're jealous perhaps you don't lead a life as fulfiling as him. at least to himself, he's leading a good life, he likes what he do, he feels like this is the peak of his life, he feels happy. perhaps you don't feel the same.. thats why some of you are jealous eh?

    perhaps you might want to list out why some of you are posting such sacarstic remarks about him. and dont tell me you dont like his post if thats the reason, then let me suggest to you, get a life =)

    anyhow, im sure many of you have felt asif you're at the top too. i once felt like that too, when i finished my o level exams years back and got back my results. 6 points. it was the holidays and i was very happy. well, to me, at that pt of time, i was at the top. top of my world. i enjoyed every second of my life. especially when you worked hard for something and you're getting what you deserve. i agree, perhaps at that pt of time, there are alot of other things to do, like.. help other people.. lotsa things.. but its my own perception.. and this thread is his own perception too.

    think about it.
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    in view of the fact that an appreciable number of folks here have limited visionary perspective and are sadly unable to accomodate non-mainstream styles, thus; to aleviate the dis-stress these folks who are unable to construe my pictures; i have removed all of them. i shall not post here to let people view and think thru about my pictures. afterall, i dont have to be mainstream in the first place. and my pictures are too precious to be displayed in an exposed environment..even though i feel honoured that soem of my racequeen pics do appear at know, at least that thief can recognise the worth of what he steals ;-)

    and oh yes..the issue of being at the top..let me say that its another way of using plain english to relate to "peak experiences" (refer to abraham maslow's theory of self-actualisation and u will get a better picture of what i am talking about) perhaps they guy explains it better than i try to. rather than chatting about my ideas of "peak experiences" in an open forum where most people dont buy my ideas in the first place, i suppose a better understanding of what i am trying to convey can be achieved with further reference to maslow's theory. Well, if this doesnt work, then...then i guess maybe other methods will. Kudos to JY..well, he does know what i mean. good for him! for those who dont, here's a tip: go for a sunday 3km swim.

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