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Thread: CS' Photography 101 for Newbies (3rd session)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziploc

    Thanks guys & gals for coming, and thanks for all the nice words. It really makes me feel that all the efforts are worth it. And sorry for such a long session today... it took almost 4 hours, and I could really see some tired faces near the end of the session.
    and thank you for not rushing thru the notes despite running late!
    and tired faces cuz we were listening so intently mah
    trying to look intelligent and not lost in all the optics and techy jargon!!

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    Well if it was just a one-way lecture I think all of us would fall asleep so it is good to have questions cos we can clarify and really understand what is in the notes.

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    Recon it's better compare to a shorter, one shot no rest type of session... takes up more brain power this way...

    and in realization the usefulness of spot metering... man, really hope the 300D had Spot...

    prehaps an upgrade will do good...kekeke...

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    Hi Ziploc

    Thanks for your effort, precious time and patient to teach us the photography skills.
    It is unlikely we can find such a good person whom have such a kind passion to pass knowlege and skill to us.

    Should you be conducting the 4th lesson again, I will let all my photo-interest friends know.

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    Your lessons : Priceless

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    Hi Ziploc

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. I've learnt alot from the lesson.

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    thank you !!!

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